Action Laval questions STL board’s willingness to settle labour dispute

Bus drivers, management have been in negotiations for more than a year

Two Action Laval city council members are raising questions about the intense negotiations that have been underway since last year between the Société de transport de Laval and the union representing the transit agency’s bus drivers.

Laval city councillor for Chomedey Aglaia Revelakis. (Photo: Martin C. Barry, Newsfirst Multimedia)

“Following the announcement of arbitration being rejected by the drivers, it would seem that management has lost control in the negotiations and relations with the drivers have become toxic,” Chomedey city councillor Aglaia Revelakis and Saint-Bruno city councillor David De Cotis said in a statement.

Get serious, they say

While noting that negotiations of the collective agreement have been dragging on for more than a year and the ensuing conflict is interfering with transit services, they suggested the administration of the STL needs to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation and take appropriate action.

“The mayor chose five elected members from his party to represent the municipal council on the board of directors of the STL,” said De Cotis, who used to be president of the transit authority.

‘They should be making sure that the taxes of citizens are being put to their best use,’ Revelakis says regarding the STL’s governing board

Want board to act

“The general manager no longer seems to be in control of negotiations. So, maybe the time has come for the board to act and change who is sitting around the negotiations table. They should be doing more than just collecting their salaries.”

Action Laval city councillor for Saint-Bruno David De Cotis. (Photo: Martin C. Barry, Newsfirst Multimedia)

While pointing out that the City of Laval provides more than $93 million annually to the STL, Action Laval said the councillors who sit on the STL board should be representing the interests of the city, and by extension those of the residents, and therefore should be actively participating in all decisions.

Using taxes properly

“They should be making sure that the taxes of citizens are being put to their best use,” said Revelakis. “Their role is to supervise the management at the STL. They are not there to be told what to do, but to provide guidance.”

In its statement, Action Laval added, “Drivers are fundamental to the mission of the STL. Their role is essential to providing service to users. Without drivers, the STL couldn’t provide any service. The board of directors must ensure that management remains centered on the mission of the STL, and not on their own comfort.”