Two councillors to represent Laval at UMQ

Isabella Tassoni and Aline Dib to speak for city at meetings

(TLN) Laval mayor Marc Demers has announced that two city councillors will henceforth be representing the city on committees at meetings of the Union of Quebec Municipalities (UMQ).

Aline Dib, Laval City Councillor
Aline Dib, Laval City Councillor

Dib and Tassoni

Saint-Martin city councillor Aline Dib and Laval-des-Rapides city councillor Isabella Tassoni were selected for the task of interfacing with other member municipalities at UMQ meetings.

While Dib will be sitting on the UMQ’s Commission for Culture, Leisure and Community Life, Tassoni will be on the UMQ’s Commission for Women and Governance.



Isabella Tassoni, Laval City Councillor
Isabella Tassoni, Laval City Councillor

Representing Laval

“I am very pleased to see that the respective competencies of Mrs. Dib and Mrs. Tassoni have been recognized within the UMQ,” said Mayor Demers. “They are certain to do an impeccable job while positioning Laval and its large projects among those of the major cities in Quebec.

“Our accomplishments could serve as inspiration for the ways things are done elsewhere,” added Demers, “while we in Laval will be profiting from the exchanges to add to our expertise.”

Laval well represented

Laval is well represented on the UMQ, with Mayor Demers being a member of the governing board, as well as vice-president of the UMQ’s caucus for major cities.

The mayor also sits along with Laval city councillor Stéphane Boyer on the UMQ’s commission for intelligent cities. In the meantime, Councillor and Laval executive-committee member Sandra Desmeules sits on the UMQ’s committee for its annual assizes.