Do you live in Laval, have a problem and don’t know who to turn to? SOON you can dial “211”

Up to know when resident’s living in Laval have any type of emergency, big or small, they dial 911 or 311 for city related issues. “COMING SOON”, by dialing 211, the residents of Laval will have access to a wealth of information.  The “Information and Referral Centre of Greater Montreal” (IRCGM), has agreed to provide the service on a contract basis which will have an average cost of $60,000 per year.

The service is offered in both official languages.  The service will be able to assist people with information regarding simple items like food and shelter, where’s the nearest clinic or hospital, or with assistance with more serious issues like mental health issues.  The “211” service will be available to all Laval residents, by phone, seven-days-a-week, from 8 a.m.-6 p.m.