COVID-19 death toll reaches 100 at CHSLD Sainte-Dorothée

A new milestone was reached in Quebec this week during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic when provincial health authorities revealed that CHSLD Sainte-Dorothée in western Laval had reached 100 fatalities, making it the province’s public long-term care residence that has been most impacted by COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic more than four months ago.

With a capacity for 285 residents, the news means that more than a third of the residents of CHSLD Sainte-Dorothée succumbed to COVID-19. The latest fatality count was published in a province-wide update of the COVID-19 toll issued by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services on July 2.

One hundred people have died of COVID-19 at CHSLD Sainte-Dorothée since the beginning of the pandemic more than four months ago.

Two other CHSLDs in Laval made the list, although with slightly more moderate numbers. CHSLD Sainte-Jude on Saint-Martin Blvd. had recorded 71 fatalities up to July 1. However, it wasn’t all bad news. CHSLD Idola-Saint-Jean on Cartier Blvd. in Laval des Rapides has had only three fatalities since the start of the pandemic.

CHSLD Sainte-Dorothée’s record is only slightly greater than the number of COVID-19 fatalities reached at two Montreal CHSLDs. The Centre d’Hébergement Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci on Gouin Blvd. has had 94 deaths, while CHSLD Laurendeau also on Gouin Blvd. has had 92 fatalities.

According to the figures released by the provincial health ministry, a total of 968 people have died in Quebec’s CHSLDs since the beginning of the pandemic.