‘Nuits de Beyrouth’ firebombed again

A Lebanese restaurant in the heart of Chomedey was targeted by arsonists just before midnight last Wednesday for the third time since last year.

Located in the Centre commercial Saint-Martin on Curé Labelle Blvd. near the corner of Notre Dame, Nuits de Beyrouth was also the target of molotov cocktails in October and November last year.

In the latest incident around 11:45 pm last Wednesday, a front window was broken and an incendiary device was hurled into the establishment by a suspect or suspects who managed to get away before the arrival of police.

The restaurant was closed at the time, firefighters extinguished a minor blaze, and there were no reported injuries.

Nuits de Beyrouth is one of several restaurants in Laval and on the North Shore which were targeted by a wave of arson attacks, until the fall of 2022 when five suspects were arrested.