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Teens with Exceptionalities Create Comic Strips!

``Yes we can!`` say the girls in Mrs. Downey’s Special Ed. class at Laval Liberty High School.  With a little help from a professional artist, Julia Pesce, Stacey Vouladakis, Anjalea Ayres and Melanie Hampartsoumian, created their first graphic short story, starring their idol, Avril Lavigne.  You may have seen the boys’ graphic story “The Secret. Harry Potter’s Boys Club” in our March 12, 2011 issue.  The girls wanted the world to know, “Yes we can!” despite our many challenges and disabilities.  Et voila!  Enjoy “The Surprise” and watch for more exciting stories to come!

By: Eva Hadjis - Attendant


“You may take the man out of the school, but you can never take the school out of the man” – Laval Liberty high school pays tribute to Mr. Eric Ruggi.

The Laval Liberty High School governing board paid tribute to Mr. Eric Ruggi, at the 2nd Annual Citizenship Awards and the 6th Annual Triple-A Gala by honoring him with a special award for outstanding vision and leadership in establishing the “Triple-A in Action” program.
For the past 11 years, he has felt the pulse of the vibrant multicultural community and had a vision of a school where students are not only educated, but also learn and grow, as athletes, artists, musicians and leaders in their community.  His vision was that of a “Triple-A in Action” school, which came about with the birth of Laval Liberty High School in 2005.
Citing John Quincy Adams, Laval Liberty High School’s Governing board collectively described Mr. Ruggi as a person who through his vision and actions inspired others to “dream more, learn more, do more and become more”.  Recognizing that he is the tireless # 1 fan of our school, Mr. Ruggi was given the title of “lifetime honorary member of the Laval Liberty High School community”.

By: Mr. Couto, LLHS governing board chairperson 2010-11


Hans Christian Anderson: “Where words fail, music speaks”

Being a part of Music Concentration requires talent, dedication, perseverance, and determination. We’ve practiced constantly, and consistently in order to work in harmony, and be successful in all the events we’ve participated in.  Our trip to Sherbrooke on May 20th was no exception.  We had the opportunity to participate in the Festival des Harmonies et Orchestres du Québec. 
This was the first time that Laval Liberty’s Drum Line competed in an event.  Our Drum Line played an outstanding performance and won 3rd place with a silver standard.  The following day, our Concert Band topped that score in their competition when they achieved a Gold standard.
While at the festival, we watched various orchestras, danced at the “Disco Night”, and opened for the “Prestige Concert”. One of the highlights of the trip was watching Wayne Bergeron play live. He is a famous trumpet player and was the main attraction at this concert.
All in all, it was a great honour to be able to participate in this great event.  Sherbrooke was an unforgettable experience.  We learned useful techniques and the importance of teamwork and persistence. However, all of this would not have been possible without our amazing conductor, Mrs. Elaine Thomas. Without her never ending patience and passion for teaching, we would not have gotten this far. Thank you Mrs. Thomas, on behalf of the Music Concentration students.

By: Sylvia Dicu


Life’s a Stage

For the past four years, Laval Liberty has offered an exciting Theatre Concentration Program to its students. This program is an excellent choice for those who wish to discover themselves, their talents and step out of their comfort zone.  Every year auditions are held to screen for students who would be appropriate for the program.  Not only is it a question of skill, but in order to remain in the program, an overall average of 75% and over must be maintained. This gives us an added incentive to work hard not only on stage but in the classroom as well.
The program is dynamic and offers students many opportunities to not only act, but improvise, sing and dance as well.   Thanks to dedicated coaches such as Stephanie Pitsiladis, Mr. Vallée, and Ann Eitzen, we have put on numerous original plays and classic musicals.  More than just an avenue to perform and present, this program enables students to come out of their shells and discover a new found confidence not only as characters on stage, but as unique individuals who walk the halls of this school everyday. 
This year, with the help of the Music and Art Concentration students, we performed two wonderful plays; an adaptation of “The Wizard of Oz” in January and “Oklahoma” the musical in May.  As a Theatre Concentration student, I must say that it isn’t just about the shows themselves, it’s about how we work together and how dedicated we are to making our productions as successful as possible.  Theatre Concentration taught us how to work as a family; that we must look past our differences and work together toward a common goal – the success of our shows and our everlasting friendships.

By: Jessica Albanese


July 1, 2011

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