Monday April 27 2015

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By Jock Finlayson 

 The underlying economic picture is more favourable than a glance at the headlines may suggest

His name is Adam Silver and as the new NBA commissioner he had to deal with one of the oldest standing owners of the NBA, an owner who on a privately taped conversation revealed a loathing so profound for people of colour that he ordered his girlfriend/mistress, he is married, not to bring black guests to the games and to erase an Instagram pictures of herself with Magic Johnson from public view.

As I write this we are still awaiting the fortunes of Canada’s men’s and women’s hockey teams as well as other Olympic events that we are favored to medal in.

There is a saying that as goes the American economy so goes it for Canada.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) global life expectancy has shown dramatic increases in the past two decades. In a report published in the summer of 2013 the WHO reported the combined global life expectancy increased from 64 years of age in 1990 to 70 years in 2011.

Laval's new city council released its first budget and it gave residents an early Christmas gift, the average residential tax bills will be frozen in 2014. This will be the second consecutive year that Laval residents will see their property tax bills frozen.

Canada Post has announced on Wednesday of this past week that it will eliminate door to door service. The politicians are up in arms accusing Harper’s Conservatives of waiting for the house to adjourn before delivering the bad news to Canadians.

War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing, say it again. Bruce Springsteen’s lyrical critique may echo the sentiment of the post-Vietnam North American youth but the grievous error that is war should never be confused with the necessity of the hard fought battle for peace.

What started as a seemingly neck in neck mayoral race was called at 10:19 Sunday night in favor of Marc Demers, Mouvement Lavallois candidate, with a comfortable 14 point lead.

As is my customary habit before municipal elections I reviewed the contents of our Laval News the last issue before the previous election and then the issue that announces the electoral results.

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