Monday April 27 2015
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14th edition of the Laval’s Policemen Cycling Tour

The cycling tour of the Laval police was created fourteen years ago to facilitate fundraising from various regions in Quebec for the Marie-Soleil Tougas Foundation which is now managed by Operation enfant Soleil. This organization collects monies which are then donated for the health benefit of young Quebecers. A team of police officer volunteers will take vacation time to participate in the cycling tour which will see them travel over 1100 km in 85 municipalities in the province of Quebec in less than a week promoting this cause.
Since its inception the tour has raised more than one million dollars. To help their comrades on tour Laval’s policemen organize various fund raising events locally in the early spring months. This year fund raising events were scheduled at Costco for March and April as well as collections at certain intersections of the city. The executive has authorized the police department to use any public municipal resources they require in order to facilitate their fund raising efforts.

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