Saturday April 18 2015
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Quebec bets on Laval firm’s patient-monitoring system

Laval-des-Rapides Liberal MNA Alain Paquet, Quebec’s junior finance minister, has announced a $221,598 government grant to a Laval-based i-tech company which is in the midst of developing new software with vast potential to improve at-home medical care, while reducing costs in the public health system.

Distance solution
During a press conference held on April 12, Paquet said the financial assistance will help the company, Manyeta Informatique, to complete work on Human Telemetry, which is entering testing stages with patients afflicted with diabetes.

With the subsidy, Manyeta will be spending more than $697,000 bringing the product to market.
“This innovative product will make life easier for thousands of people and will allow medical practitioners to efficiently follow their patients,” said Paquet. “The spread of this kind of technology could have positive consequences on the health system in addition to developing new markets for Quebec businesses. By supporting projects like this, our government shows that it is willing to encourage innovative and productive projects which help to spread the know-how that we have here.”

Interactive contact

Manyeta’s multi-platform software system is aimed mostly at persons suffering from chronic diseases. The system will make it possible for those with reduced mobility to be able to be in contact interactively with health care professionals located a considerable distance away.
With technical support the patient will be able to transmit certain key data about their current state of health, exchange messages with medical staff, and receive instructions about medications which should be taken. All this information will then be transmitted to a health care central to be stored in the patient’s dossier. The system will also be able to set certain critical thresholds in the patient’s health state and will set off alarms if and when problems arise.
“This support from the government couldn’t come at a better time, as we are ready to launch this telemetry system on the American market, to make our new product commercially viable,” said Mario Perron, founder and president of Manyeta Informatique. “The confidence that the government is showing towards us will help us as we pursue our activities and try to bring out this technology to help people who need it.”

Demand growing
Manyeta Informatique is not alone in developing this kind of technology. The demand for systems to help medically supervise patients at-distance is on the rise, given the aging of the population, the elevated costs of hospitalization and a shortage of human resources to perform such tasks in hospital settings. For its part, Manyeta Informatique has been targeting the U.S. market, where there’s no lack of government agencies, hospitals and private health insurance providers as potential clients.
According to Perron, the company’s software will improve on existing systems that run on computers and smart phones. Manyeta’s will be designed to operate in conjunction with cable TV. According to Perron, up to 30 per cent of the North American population doesn’t have a computer, but cable television is easier to access.

To be launched in U.S.

The new system has been tested here in Quebec and Manyeta is preparing to try it out in 30 states in the U.S. with the assistance of the largest American cable operator, Comcast, which reported $55.842 billion in revenue last year.
“We have several indications that the American market is ready for our solution and that there will be a lot of action in the coming years,” Perron said. Among the signs, he said government officials in the U.S. appear ready to adopt a policy by which users of the Manyeta system would be reimbursed what will have to pay for it. “That would obviously open the door to an extraordinary deployment of our solution,” Perron said.

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