Saturday April 18 2015
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Live, Love, Express…

Nurturing self-expression at Laval Liberty High School through performance

Students at Laval Liberty High School should get an A+ for their latest stage creation – the Express Yourself Variety Show – held Jan. 24 and 25 in the school auditorium.

The dazzling review combining fashion and talent was put together by a large team of LLHS students who dedicated their time and efforts to providing the audience of parents, siblings and friends with an unforgettable experience while there in the auditorium, followed by a lasting feeling of warmth upon returning home.

A great time
The purpose of it all, according to some of those at the centre of the brainstorm from which this two-hour extravaganza of humour, music, glamour and wit emerged, was to bring out the self-expression of some of the quieter students at LLHS by offering them the opportunity to take part in a showcase under the brightly colored lights of the Laval Liberty stage.
And did I mention what a show they put on. They being the talents: Aathy Balachandrian, Anjalea Ayres, Zoé Poulin, Jenny Kordos, Jasmine Abdulla, Christina Parent, Amrudin Sultani, Thalia Cutrona, Luca D’Elia, Elisa Samayoa, Chiara Rado-Rinaldo, Panayiota, Elaina Axais, Petros Chionis, Vasiliki Kontoulis, Jade Kellman, Ashley Pannese, Lauren Doig, Sabrina Tosto, and Emmy Vafiadis.

A big cast
LLHS staff members Betty Aliftiras, Mylene DiMarzio, Marianne Ouellet and Elaine Thomas oversaw the five months of preparations that took place leading up to the opening of the show. There were 50 students in the fashion segments. They wore apparel and gear from The Bay, American Apparel, StyleExchange, Forever 21, Sirens, Mondo Uomo, Crooks & Castles, Christina Formals and Unique.
They student models were: Nick Renauld, George Harbilas, Felicia Polyzos, Stacie Karpontinis, Helen Pantazopoulos, Despina Danialidis, Christina Markesinis, Vanessa Severino, Sabrina Difino, Paulina Spiroulias, Amanda Burdik, Vivi Karvounis, Alex Vanier, Mathew Morina, Nick Giannoumis, Jory Nadeau, Apostolis Skiadopoulos, Domenico Del Balso, Tommy Tzougrakis, Thalia Cutrona, Taima Jacaman, Eleni Kalantzis, Tejal Patel, Kyra Sideris, Debbie Diplirakis, Josh Walsh, Joanne Gracioppo, Vince Coutu, Mano Rozakis, Andrew Diodati, Adam Hadiverdi, Cassandra Ascensio, Chris Diamontopoulos, Jerry Katravas, Chris Pololos, Alex Velasco, Michael Lisella, Marina Paradisis, Victoria Gabreau, Meline Aghazarian, Billie Stefanou, Carra Vlassis, Maria Vourdakis, Maria Tzivelekidis, Tatiana Spineto, Shannel Garrous, Marilena Makris, Chelsea Di Sano, Anthony Psycharis and Luca D’elia.


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