Tuesday April 21 2015
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Laval powerless in Premier’s Marois cabinet

Lack of ministerial nomination may halt all projects

As co-publisher of this paper since 1993, and resident of Laval since 1983, I am really worried of what type of representation this city will have in the newly elected government and more precisely in the newly formed Government cabinet.
The citizens of Laval, decided with their vote to elect only two out of six MNAs representing the PQ.

Suzanne Proulx in Saint-Rose and twenty-year old Léo Bureau-Blouin in Laval-des-Rapides. In fact from the 220,842 votes the PQ candidates received only 66,389 votes which represents only 30.06%...
By not appointing Suzanne Proulx in the cabinet,  - Léo Bureau-Blouin being too young and inexperienced  even though he has been appointed Parliamentary Secretary to Premier Pauline Marois -  for the first time in twenty years, Laval will not have any effective representation in the Quebec Government.
By doing a historical analysis of the last 35 years of provincial politics, one will find that it was only during the short eight month term of Premier Daniel Johnson Jr. (January-September 1994), that Laval had no representation in the provincial cabinet.
It is a known fact that throughout the years, all MNAs that were appointed in their respective PQ and Liberal provincial governments,  played a vital role in the social and economic development of our City.
Without their support and battles in the cabinet meetings, the infrastructures that we benefit from such as the expansion of our highways, the water treatment plant, the Metro stations, would not have happened.
In order for a City to develop, you need the pragmatic support of your Provincial and Federal representatives. We all know backbenchers can only do so much. We all know that for years now, since the Federal Minister Michel Dupuis era, back in 1993, Laval has no effective representation in the decision making in Federal cabinets.
Now with the outcome of the latest provincial election, Laval has lost all the decision making power it had with its elective MNAs appointed in the cabinet throughout the eras of the René Lévesque, Robert Bourassa, Jacques Parizeau, Lucien Bouchard, Bernard Landry and Jean Charest provincial governments.
The least Laval should have gotten was the appointment of Saint-Rose MNA Suzanne Proulx as the minister responsible for the Laval region. For those of you who do not know the MNA responsible for the Laval region it is Pointe-aux-Trembles MNA and Family Minister Nicole Léger.
With so many projects in the making in Laval, it is imperative that Premier Marois shows more interest in this city and its citizens. Her decision in this matter will have a direct effect in the next Provincial campaign whether it will happen one year from now or later.
Lavallers deserve better representation in the cabinet, point final!

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