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LPD’s police dog calendar raises $46,929 for Fondation Martin-Matte

The Laval Police Department’s canine squad raised nearly $47,000 this year for the Fondation Martin-Matte by selling police dog calendars.

On Feb. 12, the Laval Police Department announced that it is donating nearly $47,000 to the Fondation Martin-Matte from the proceeds of the sale of the LPD’s 2013 police dog calendar.

$46,929 raised
“We are proud to have handed over the sum of $46,929 to the Fondation Martin-Matte,” the department said in a statement. “The funds raised will help finance the construction of special houses, in addition to helping support respite, readaptation and activity centres for the victims of craniocerebral traumas craniocerebral (TCC) as well as those with physical deficiencies and their families.”

A good year
This was the fourth year the canine squad brought out a police calendar and it seems to have been the most successful year by far. According to Lieutenant Benoît Martel, an officer with the canine squad, sales of this year’s calendar exceeded previous years. “We’re getting better at it,” he said.
The cheque unveiling, held at the Carrefour Multisports, was attended by Martin Matte, president of the Fondation Martin-Matte, Nicole Desjardins, the foundation’s administrator, many employees and volunteers with the foundation, as well as officers with the canine squad of the Laval Police Department.

Fourth year for calendar

Also present was Dominic Quintal of IGA supermarkets of Laval, all of which participated in the sale of this year’s calendar. Over the past four years, the canine squad’s police officers have raised $155,000 for the Fondation Martin-Matte. The LPD, the foundation and other supporters are already laying the groundwork for the 2014 police dog calendar.

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