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Laval health agency marks Health and Social Services Users Week

Left, Pierre Frattolilo, president of CSSS Laval’s users committee, explains their new web site with committee resource person Mireille Aubin.

The CSSS Laval’s Users Committee took the opportunity on Oct. 3 during a special presentation at the Laval Social Services Agency’s offices to mark Health and Social Services Users Week and announce that they now have a web page to facilitate interaction between the public with everything they do.

Useful committees
Since the 1990s, Quebec’s health ministry has mandated each of the health and social services providers under its umbrella to organize and maintain a service users committee. The committees represent patients and service users and often serve as go-betweens and as liaisons between health care recipients or their relatives and the institutions which serve them and ascertain that patients rights are respected.

CSSS users committee
Pierre Frattolilo, who chairs the CSSS Laval users committee, admitted during a presentation on their new web site that he is not very conversant with a lot of the terminology of the Internet, but that’s why he has a facilitator – Mireille Aubin. Aubin has been working with the committee since last year and Frattililo said she has proven herself to be very valuable with all the work she does.

CJL users committee
In another presentation, Marie-Josée Beaudet, the resource person for the Centre Jeunesse Laval users committee, and Sophie Chenette, president of the committee, outlined some of the things they do to encourage those they deal with. They try as much as possible to publicize their activities and make CJL clients and relatives more aware that the committee is available to address any concerns they have about client rights being respected.

Vigi-Santé users committee
In a third presentation, Bonnie Helwer, resource person for the users committee at Centre d’Hébergement Vigi-Santé l’Orchidée Blance, and Denise Déziel who sits on the users committee, also explained how promotion is very important in their being able to fulfill their mandate. They produce posters which they circulate within the social services and health care system to advertise their meetings and invite the public to attend and participate actively.

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