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CRDI Normand-Laramée seeks bilingual residential resource persons

From the left, CRDI Normand-Laramée’s France Duquette of the communications department and Serge Proulx of human resources will be pleased to answer applicants’ questions.

The Centre de Réadaptation en Déficience Intellectuelle (CRDI) Normand-Laramée, which provides services in Laval for children afflicted with pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), is looking for special persons who might be interested in providing residential resources in this rewarding domain.
CRDI Normand-Laramée runs a program for children aged 0 to 11 years of age, and another for teenagers, adults and senior citizens. The centre also offers specialized support services to the client’s family circle and entourage. The services are offered through branches that operate in four distinct sectors of Laval.

Shelter needs
The CRDI has established a network of residential resources to satisfy the shelter needs of its clientele. In the Laval area, the organization is constantly looking for new residential resources to ensure that the individuals concerned live in welcoming environments and are able to participate actively in social activities in their neighbourhood.
The residential resources are intended for children, adolescents, adults and elderly persons who have an intellectual impairment, or a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) with or without intellectual impairment. These persons need a living environment that fosters the development of their residential, social and community autonomy.

Harmonious integration
To reach these objectives, the CRDI collaborates closely with each residential resource, providing professional support and an emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In particular, the CRDI pays close attention to matching individuals and resources in order to foster harmonious integration into the residence. The commitment that the CRDI expects of those providing residential resources is recognized through financial compensation established by Quebec’s Ministry of Health and Social Services.
To be eligible to provide a residential resource, individuals, or couples with or without children who are familiar with the CRDI’s clientele must reside in Laval or be prepared to move here; they must be willing to devote themselves to satisfying the needs of the individuals they are sheltering; they must believe in individual skills and development in the exercising of the individual’s rights, powers and responsibilities; they must be open-minded and respectful of the values of the individuals, their families and the institution; and they must be available to collaborate regularly with the interveners who work with the individuals who are sheltered.

Openness important
“We have services that are offered in English, and so we are looking for people who are bilingual,” says Serge Proulx, a CRDI Normand-Laramée employee responsible for human resources. He is currently leading the search for bilingual and English-speaking providers of residential resources. Besides being bilingual, he adds, it also takes people who are naturally disposed to be “open” to other cultures, “because the one who is responsible for a resource may be welcoming persons who are maybe from different cultures or religions.”
According to Proulx, persons who apply to be put in charge of a residential facility undergo an initial orientation session, during which they are told the various steps they must take in order to be accepted. To learn more about being placed in charge of a CRDI Normand-Laramée residential facility you should call the CRDI Normand-Laramée to obtain the necessary information.

Contact information
Should you subsequently decide to pursue this goal and what you have to offer is found to satisfy the clientele’s needs, you will be contacted for an assessment conducted by the CRDI’s interveners. Applications should be sent to: CRDI Normand-Laramée Intellectual disability rehabilitation centre, Residential manpower service, 34-L Cartier Blvd. West, Laval, Quebec, H7N 2H3. Phone: 450-662-8788, ext. 269. The CRDI Normand-Laramée team will be pleased to answer all applicants’ questions.

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