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CDC’s ‘Vimont Has Talent’ improves with the years

This was the first year CDC Lachute (CDC Vimont’s sister school) took part into the program

For the sixth year running, the students and staff at the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board’s Vimont Competency Development Centre held their Vimont Has Talent Christmas-time showcase on Dec. 11, raising money for their springtime graduation.

A tradition
The show has become a mainstay at CDC Vimont and everyone there is very proud of it. The number of performers has increased every year and is now up to 15 different individuals and groups who get up on stage to ham things up and get into the spirit of the season. Those who take part start preparing as early as September and are well-rehearsed three months later when it’s time for the show.
This was the first year CDC Lachute (CDC Vimont’s sister school) took part in the talent program. They contributed a fabulous guitarist, Mojo, and pianist, Hannah, as well as a young woman, Stephanie, who played the bagpipes expertly. Also, three students, Crystal, Rebecca and Corey, presented their original poetry and a young woman, Premika, presented a beautiful Nepalese dance.

More professional

Gina Persechino, CDC Vimont’s director, provided a much more professional stage which raised the level of the presentations. The number of acts increased this year. Previously there were around 10 acts. This year there were 17. CDC Vimont contributed many acts: Sammi played very upbeat Afghani music, Jordan (the Rubik's cube whiz) also played a mean guitar. Lovely Talia, an aspiring concert pianist, also took part. Michelle and George sang a beautiful duet, with George expertly accompanying then on the guitar. Some teachers involved their whole classes.
The staff/student finale this year was a song about CDC Vimont to the tune of Billy Joel's ‘For The Longest Time,’ that was used as the backdrop for a video created from pictures and video clips that conveyed life at the centre. A total of $647 was raised for the graduation ceremony this coming June.

SWLSB vice-chair attended
Nazario Facchino, vice-chair of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board, was in attendance. Students in the social integration program at CDC Pont-Viau were also in the audience for the first time this year and contributed by dancing to the tunes. They promised to have an act for next year. The centre director said that the quality of the show is increasing each year. Nancy Sher was praised for doing a tremenduous job of bringing the show together and ensuring its success each year.
CDC Vimont provides an invaluable service in Laval’s northeastern sector. Students who’ve often been unable to complete their high school studies going the regular route end up at CDC Vimont, where they get a second chance to earn a high school leaving diploma and win back their self-respect in a relatively stress-free environment. Local elected officials make it a point to be among the guests in the audience.

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